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A South Tampa Family Doctor

Welcome to Dr. Riscile’s Walk-In Clinic in South Tampa

Dr. Riscilie offers medical care as it used to be for the South Tampa community. Her walk in clinic provides urgent care for you and your family with an approach like your old family doctor.

Dr. Riscile treats all illnesses and injuries so when you need medical help and cannot wait to see your primary physician, and do not want to deal with an emergency room, call or come in to see us-our walk in clinic is here to serve you and your family with no appointment needed.

And for our visitors

While many of our patients live in South Tampa we welcome visitors to our clinic as well. If you have friends or family from out of town and they need urgent care, come into our walk in clinic and we will provide them with help just like their physician back home.

If you are vacationing in the Tampa area and need a physician, you are welcome to visit us as we provide health services for infections, accidents, illnesses and can provide assistance with respiratory, skin and gastric conditions as well.

Personal Attention

Dr Riscile is a native of Tampa, a graduate of the USF College of medicine, a former member of the faculty of the USF College of medicine as a Geneticist with the Department of Pediatrics. Gisele Riscile, MD is the owner of the clinic and the doctor that will treat you and your family’s medical needs. She will provide you with personal attention when you visit the clinic. Dr Riscile lives here, works here and has gone to school here in Tampa, she is an part of our community. If you or a love one is sick, Dr Riscile will either help you herself or we will direct you to get the help you need.

Interim Care for Emergencies

Dr. Risicile has been providing health services to the South Tampa community since 2003 and works directly for you not for the insurance company or government plans. The doctors staff will provide you with a receipt when you pay that can be submitted to your PPO or Health provider or savings plan.

Many plans make patients wait for specific physicians to get their medical needs met, Dr. Riscile can provide you with interim care for emergencies and health care problems that cannot wait or those that appear to get worse while you are waiting for a specific physician. If you feel like your symptoms are getting worse, come directly to our walk-in clinic so that we can provide you with immediate medical treatment.

Health Care Today

If you have little time to spare, if you cannot afford the time and expense of an emergency room visit but you who want your health care issue addressed today, our walk in clinic is an affordable and quick way to get some answers immediately.

We know that your time is valuable and we know how long you wait in doctors’ offices. At our walk in clinic you can usually get in, see Dr. Riscile and get out in under an hour. If you call ahead we’ll have a room ready for you.

No matter what the problem a quick trip to Dr. Riscile’s walk in clinic can give you the peace of mind that a professional has reviewed the problem and you are on the road to recovery.

Professional Medical Help

Dr Riscile is prepared to deal with respiratory conditions, blood pressure issues, acute migraines, gout attacks, Zoster flare ups, skin conditions, common household injuries as well as provide anti-inflammatory injections for sprains and strains. She also treats Male STD's and Ed issues, Urinary tract infections, abrasions, contusions, type II diabetes, thyroid conditions, asthma, sleep disorders including narcolepsy.

So often as the seasons change and guests arrive, you have emergencies- those wasp stings, insect bites, sunburn or fatigue from the heat of our Florida Sunshine. Bring them in and we will have them feeling better in no time. When your guest forget to bring all of their non narcotic medications or run out due to an extended stay give us a call to see if we can get them in and refill the medications they need.